Jaltocan is a municipal capital with a large Nahua population. The day-to-day blouse is crocheted top , In some of the surrounding villafged running stitch embroidery is also worn on embroidered blouses. There are many other Nahua villages in this district. Embroidered blouses and crocheted blouses are common among the older two generations. .
Bob Freund 2/3/2006 Return to Nahua of Huejutla region home pa

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On the way into town there were quite a number of women with the knit topped blouses, here are some examples. A wedding was about to begin and these ladies were waiting for the mass. Sometime there are two blouses or cross over from one town to another that might be the origins of the embroidered blouse in picture standing outside the church. The young and the old are contrasted with the older women wearing the traditional costume and the denim of the younger generation. A photo of the inside of the church, the kiosk in the newly remodeled down town (7/04) and the picture of inside the church.