Rancho Santa Anna, Hidalgo, mexico is a cross roads of the road into Huejutla and the new road to Tamazunchale SLP. The village has embroidered blouses and lots of oranges. Bob Freund 4/21/2005 Return Nahua of Huejutla to home page or more information please contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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There are many local Nahua craftsmen that make chairs and tables in the area with rattan and highly polished finish.
Maria Isabel Hernandez happily posed for this picture, she works at the local restaurant making tortilla. The restaurant is right at the cross roads of the new road to Tamazunchale her tortillas were delicious and she wanted to show me how she made them. Her embroidered blouse is typical of a number of villages starting at Tehuetlan all the way into Huejutla. The surrounding area where the rancho is located is flat but surrounded by mountains and filled with orange orchards.
The embroidered blouses are worn in a number of towns; these examples were photographed at a local store.