Chachahuantla is a growing Nahua town right on the border with Hidalgo. There blouses are sold to a number of other villages in the vicinity. Bob Freund 7/27/2005 for more information contact:

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In the first picture we have the "new" version of the quechquemitl, in my mind it is nicer and will be easier to sell to the Mexican consumers since it can be worn with just about any type of clothing. Translating the village embroidery into a commercial product is a continuing problem, compounded by the diversity and competition from other indigenous groups and villages. Above there are three examples of the blouses from the town. The last blouse is embroidered in the old style. In the future, I will be returning to this area to do an in-depth study of the techniques and styles with the help of this collective. Right now it is difficult to tell which village is which when it comes to the style of blouse. It may turnout be a personal choice based on economic factors, which blouse a person buys. That assumes they are not the embroiderer.
The Saturday market in Huauchinango is a great place to visit and enjoy the diversity of textiles from the region.