Xalitla, Guerrero a Nahua town dedicated to handicrafts from their town and the surrounding villages.Bob Freund 2/1/2005
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Amate bark paper is painted in this region; the bark paper actually comes from San Pablito in the State of Puebla. For many years, this creative handicraft has been seen all over Mexico. On the left, her husband has started a plain line drawing, which will depict village live, these are not generally painted, but left in inked form. Third from the right is a typical handmade brown bark paper painted in bright colors. Some designs that are stamped on the paper to save time then are painted, however this particular one was hand draw and then painted.

The town like many other villages is just now gradually improving with paved roads, clinics and better schools. However, the majority of people still lives in economic poverty but are so rich in custom and culture. Many of the masks used in traditional dance come from this region. Traditional dances are common during village festivals.