Atlapexco, Hidalgo is a town located on the new road to Chincotoepec, Vera Cruz. There have been some recent improvements in the town. A number of women still wear the traditional costume. Bob Freund 8/10/2004 For Mor einformation contact :

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Atlapexco is located near Huejutla de Reyes in the north eastern corner of the State of Hidalgo. This small town seems to be making some progress on the infrastructure.

While this picture is not from the town the costume is very similar to this. While visiting the town the few women I met were shy about having there picture taken
The town square where the streets around the center of town have be recently paved.
The down town areas. This town will get a more in-depth review of their textiles during the next visit to this area.
The new road and the road sign into the town.