Jaltocan is 5 kilomerter off the road between Huejutal de los Reyes and Tamanzunchale SLP. Bob Freund 8/10/2004 For more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com
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Jaltocan is located on the road between Huejutla de Reyes y Tamazunchale SLP. The road is in decent condition (7/04) and the entrance is clearly marked.

On the way into town there were quite a number of women with the knit topped blouses. Here’s an example.

Recently improved down town area de Jaltocan.
A wedding was about to begin and these ladies were waiting for the mass. The knit top is surly from Jaltocan. Sometime there are two blouses or cross over from one town to another, that might be the origins of the embroidered blouse in the middle.
The young and the old contrasted the traditional costume and the denim of the younger generation.
A view of the side of the church.