Rancho Santa Anna is located at a cross roads, at the restaurant they were very friendly and Maria Isabel posed for the picture in the gallery. Bob Freund 8/10/2004 for more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com
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Rancho Santa Anna is located at the cross roads to Chincontepec Vera Cruz on hwy 105 west of Huejutla de Reyes.

Maria Isabel Hernandez happily posed for this picture. Her tortillas were delicious and she wanted to show me how she made them.
This costume is typical for a number of villages starting at Teheutlan all the way to Huejutla.
The surrounding area where the rancho is located is flat but surrounded by mountains. The restaurant at the cross roads had great food.
Here are some examples of the blouse which is worn by the older generation. It is disappearing with the younger people.

example # 2

More example of the blouses are on the following page.