Tehuetlan is one of the richest towns for costume I have been to in years. The Sunday market had at least 8 different types. The language spoken there was Nahua and we encountered quite a few mono lingual people. The costumes are from the villages in the mountains above the town. There were some exceptional types that I had never seen before either for sale or on exhibit. Bob Freund8/10/2004 for more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com
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Located about 20 kilometers west of Huejutla de Reyes on Hwy 105. The Sunday market was a rich source of costume. It was surprising the degree on mono lingual people there, I don’t mean Spanish, and the main language was Nahua. -

Local costume from the town.

Possible from Huautla
Fransisco Amado Prado wearing the men's costume from Papatlalexco Calnali.
Said to be from Ascaco and Jaltocan
Possibly from Atlapexco