Tehuipango, Vera Cruz is locate at the end of a new road which begins in Tequila, Vera Cruz , the altitude here is 3000 meters (9842) feet. The town has been recently paved and there is a lot of road building going on which will connect a new archeological site and Mixtla. This new road will be a circuit around the main municipalities of the Sierra Zongalica. Bob Freund 27/03/2006
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In the center of town was a Palo Volador which is used for the voladores during festivals. Many people think that the voladores ( eagle fliers) are from Papantla Vera Cruz, and yes they are from there also, but many many villages all over the Sierra Norte of Puebla and Vera Cruz have Palos de Voladores (Fliers Poles) . Many people from the surrounding village walk into town to market.
It is interesting to see how the combination of colors and materials create a distinct fashion for the district.