Hueyapan, Morelos is a very traditional village which has many weavers who use back-strap looms. They create a variety to products such as ponchos, shawls, quechquemitl and blankets. The black wool wrap skirt can still be seen in the villages.
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In addition to the photos I gathered in the village I also went to a crafts fair in he state capital Cuernavaca which was put on by the state and included exhibits from the Rural Women of Morelos. The first sets of images on this page were taken at the booth of the weavers from Hueyapan. The near meter wide back strap loom is used to produce the garments and then they are sewn together. There is probably some spinning going on in town at this time, however I did not see any. The group of women that I saw said they purchased the wool in Cuautla.

A few months ago while in Huastepec, Morelos I notice a women wearing a black wrap skirt and what appear to be a huipil with embroidery on around the neck, I now believe it was the costume from Hueyapan.