Santa Cruz is a very small village which no longer has indigenous dress. There is however a large number of women that still weave on back strap looms. Typical crafts include shawls, ponchos, blankets, quechquemitl and reboso’s.
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The rain and hail storm left me stranded in the home of Rosio Hernandez Geniz, she proudly showed me her mother loom. She had a few woven garments on hand but explained because of the harvest they didn’t have a lot of good available. the first women to assist me was Maria Romero Samodio, pictured on the bottom row in frames 1 and three. She also had a supply of good and explained that they had problems getting their good to market. Given the location of the village I had no doubt of that, they are very isolated from the main tourist areas and would have to go to Mexico City and sell to the store owners who are not likely to pay a lot of the products.
Rosio explained to me the economics of living in Santa Cruz, the pear harvest last about 2 weeks they receive 20 pesos of less than two dollars for about 40 pounds of pears. they have three types of pears, some table and other juice and pulp types. They also grow apricots, peaches and berries there. The area is beautiful as it is situated in a small valley surrounded by volcanic peaks and orchards.