Jiquipilco Viejo, Temoaya, State of Mexico and Otomi town by Bob Freund 9/23/2005 for more information contact:
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Ayate of ixtle
All the types of textile techniques used to make the traditional dress are used to create a broad assortment of handicrafts. Back strap looms weave belts and ayates of ixtle. Ayate is a cloth used in harvest and to carry things. I was surprised to find that in all the towns in the Temoaya region were still weaving with Ixtle. Ixtle is a fiber made from the maguey cactus. The cactus is cooked and then the fiber is extracted through a milling process and dried, after if is dried, it is cleaned and spun into thread. This thread is one of the oldest textile fabrics in Mexico and has its roots in pre history.

The table cloth shown here has both embroidery and deshilado. The napkins show four different types of work cross stitch, French stitch, ribbon appliqué and deshilado. On the top right row is a slip with deshilado and crocheted on the bottom, these slips are worn under the wool wrap skirt.