Molino Abajo, Temoaya, State of Mexico and Otomi town where carpets are knotted in the style of Pershian carpets. by Bob Freund 9/23/2005for more information contact:
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blouse detail
The carpets are knotted in the style of Persian carpets, there are some people still working who were among the original people trained to make rugs in the late 1960´s. The top row has a small loom used to weave samples. The rug images in the bottom row show how the carpets are made and the size of the loom. Each design is based on a indigenous patterns but needs to be adapted to the carpet width.

The blouse / slip on the upper row is crocheted with a bird design, this is a log blouse that doubles as a slip, this is necessary because the wool skirts itch. There was also an ixtle bag hanging on the look. Ixtle is a fiber from them maguey cactus.