Jaracuaro is a town located on north shore of Lake Patzcuaro. When I entered the town I immediately saw some women in embroidered blouses.Bob Freund 7/7/2005 For more information please contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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The town had narrow streets paved with stone. It was orderly and clean, with views of the lake on all sides. There was no graffiti; I don’t know why that surprises me! Since at this writing I live in Mexico City, I suppose I expect the worst. The lack of graffiti doesn’t mean that village life is perfect; most people in these towns are poor to very poor. Michoacan has a large number of people that have migrated to the US to work and don’t come back. As an example, some of the people I was visiting didn´t have the dollar-eighty to buy purified water. So the next time you open the tap and have a drink, well also give thanks. Patzcuaro is the center of the P’urhépechas region around the lake. The town is mestizo, but has a large indigenous population. During festivals, particularly

Day of the Dead, the town is filled with textiles and other crafts.