Trique village of Copala, the Trique are very traditional peoples and have preserved their textiles.
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One of two Copala huipils in my collection, Copala huipils can be differentiated by ribbons that join the segments together. Collected July 25 1985 in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca during a festival. Copala is located in the Juxtlahuaca District a Mixteca area.
Details of huipils woven designs right below the central breast plate.
Colorful front panel from huipil 172.
Copala weaver in Oaxaca City 1993. The Trique appeared in numbers in Oaxaca City around 1972 after the Mexican government sent troops to quell land disputes and search for Lucio Cabanas, a revolutionary. There were persistent rumors of massive human rights
Copala wrap skirt worn with belt and huipil over top of it.