Petalcingo, Chiapas is a Tzeltal town. Traditional clothing is still worn by many people in the town.
Karen Elwell
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Petalcingo is the largest town in the remote Municipio of Tila in Northern Chiapas. Over 92% of the residents of Tila are indigenous people - mostly Chol Maya. However, there are Tzeltal speaking people in the Municipio. The white blouse and black, cross-stitched yoke were made by Tzeltal women in the Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of Benito Juarez near Petalcingo. The blouse lacks the lace ruffle usually found on Tzeltal blouses of this region, and the radish design differs from the big, red roses that most blouses display. The tucking and ribbon decoration on the front of the blouse is identical to that seen on a blouse a woman from Yajalón was wearing in January 2006.