Yajalon, Chiapas is a Tzeltal town. Traditional clothing is still worn by many people in the town.
Karen Elwell
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Yajalón is a small, mountainous municipality in Northern Chiapas. About 63% of the inhabitants are Tzeltal speaking people. The woman's costume of Yajalón is quite similar to that worn by women in neighboring Chilón (See Bachajón and Pamalhá) for examples. We purchased this cotton blouse in San Cristobal in January 2006 from a Yajalón woman who had come to the city to sell embroideries. Her own blouse looked a lot like the blouse above. However, under the wide, lace ruffle, the blouse was tailored with tucks and pale blue ribbons like the Tzeltal blouse from Petalcingo. The pleated sleeve of her blouse was decorated with ribbon trim like the blouse shown.