Tehuantepec is large Zapotec town on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. It is in transition to more modern town.

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A Tehuantepec woman wearing the distinctive “Espelendor”. It is in the form of a small dress. Supposedly when the catholic priest saw the naked topped women they gave them dresses to wear. This is how they wore them…
A young girl in distinctive huipil with leaves and flowers.
More pictures of the young women on the float. They are just incredible in their huipils. Notice the gold coin necklaces.
The skirt for the gala huipil. The Tehuantepec area is very hot so when they dance in these costumes, it is very slow dance.
Here is a broader shot of the float, check out the different types of embroidery. Many of these huipil will be with these women forever.