Cajones has begun to spin silk and weave the threads into rebosos and scarfs. It is located on the new Sierra Norte highway near Yaganiza. This small Zapotec conserves much of the Zapotec tradition.
Bob Freund for more infomation contact: 12/30/2004
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Spinning is a laborious process, she is using a jicara gord ,to assit in the spinning process , these gords are used as cups and in so many other ways. They also showed me the complete costume, in the collection I only have the blouse but was very happy to identify it at last. For a collector this is one of the best things that can happen, get first hand verification. The rebosos were raw silk died and woven on a back strap loom. On the far right is a close up of the blouse in the collection. In the category "ya just don't know" I drove right by this village at least three times and during my inquires no one told me about the silk weaving.