San Pablo Yaganiza, a Zapotec town in the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca population of 1200. The name of the town is derived from the Zapotec language an means " tree of water".
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During my visit to Yaganiza I saw this woman working in her garden. After speaking with the family she let me take her picture. The grandmother wore her traditional costume while the rest of the family wore modern dress. She was collecting herbs in her garden.
In the previous pictures, you can see how the head cloth is worn. The “tralla” in the collection is hand woven cotton with macramé finishing of the ends. This tralla was purchased in Oaxaca City in 1980 along with the rest of the costume.This type of macramé is distinctive of the head cloths and rebosos worn in the Sierra Norte. Detail of macramé from head cloth. (tralla). On the right is the tradition all white hand woven cotton huipil, like Betaza the hand woven huipils are changing to commercial poplin.