Magdalena Teitipac is a Zapotec town on the outskirts of Tlacolula, it is one of a number of traditional villages in the district. The costume in this village is a nice combination of a wrap skirt and hand woven belt with a peasant blouse covered by a more modern over blouse. The combination produces a distinct look that is identifiable by the other villages in the area as being from Magdalena. The town is set at the foot of a series on mountains which gives it a wonderful backdrop.

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If you enlarge the fist image you can see the complete costume worn in the village. The blue blouse is made of synthetic material and commercial lace. The muslin blouse is known as the "blusa molendera" which refers to the grinding of corn to make tortillas. The wrap skirt is still worn by some women however this pleated skirt is gradually taking over because it is more convenient.