San Antonino is a traditional Zapotec town where many fine blouses and dresses were produced. While it is not the only town to produces these blouse is actually part traditional costume there. This dress is on of the best known in Mexico. The original form is an embroidered blouse worn under the over blouse , as seen in the first image. During the 1970´s these blouses became Maxi and regular dress known as the Wedding dress there are still women in the village that wear this blouse in the traditional way. The more commercial blouses and dresses have suffered deterioration in quality.

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A cream on white long sleeve blouse with silk embroidery thread on high grade poplin.
Gold on Brown Maxi dress short sleeves.
This dress is more like the traditional blouse worn day to day. It has a rose design. The people of San Antonino grow flowers in great numbers.
My friends Oralia and Olegario bought a large lot of this denim and they were the only wholesalers to make this type of dress or blouse. The pansies on this piece have three colors and it is very symmetric.
Yoke of the prior dress
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