San Bartolome Quialana, is a Zapotec town on the outskirts of Tlacolula. It is one of a number of traditional villages in the district. After visiting the market in Tlacolula I drove out the village to document the costume.

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The colors and textures, sights and sounds of the market can overwhelm the senses at times. This market has been going on more hundreds of centuries and predates the arrival of the Spanish.

Plaid wrap skirt cloth, here in San Bartolome the wrap skirt still prevails. It is held in place by the back strap woven belt.

When I bought this belt I thought this lady was the weaver, it turned out to be here daughter that wove it.

Mother and daughter, they were doing a lot of building using money sent back from the US. The woman on the left wove the belt. That came out after we were all comfortable with each other. The type of comfort comes from me being able to utter a few words of Zapotec.
Example of the clothes worn in San Bartolome,