San Pedro Amuzgo is one of two Amusgo towns located in the State of Oaxaca. They are master weavers on back strap looms weaving huipils, napkins, tablecloths and other textiles with detailed brocade. The also are know for a gauze weave.
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Bob Freund 2/18/2005
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The gauze huipil here has a rose patterns brocade. The black textile is a piece of broad cloth with a floral design and open zigzag pattern woven on a back strap loom. The width of the cloth is typical of the width used in the three panel huipils of the region. The back strap loom is used to weave a continuous piece, and then cut into three sections and joined using a variety of techniques. The way that the pieces are joined is often the way villages are distinguished between each other. This textile has been included in other villages because I have seen this type of weaving in almost all the villages I have visited.