Cozoyoapan a Amusgo town located next to Xochistlahuaca , near Ometepec Guerrero, hand woven textiles are made on back strap looms.
Bob Freund 4/2/2005
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The first time I went through this town I saw a young boy dressed in the traditional hand spun muslin costume like the two sets in my collection. The costume is also identified as from Cozoyoapan in the Cordry book "Mexican Indian Costumes”. However, after asking around no one seemed to have any idea about this costume. There were many men dressed in white muslin and a good proportion of the women in huipils but not this one. At a local store the owner had his wife and child pose for me. There is little difference between the huipil worn in Xochistlahuaca. The towns are right next to each other. There are many weavers in town. It is probable that in the more remote communities that are part of this small municipality there are still some people that wear the hand spun and woven men’s costume, this question will be resolved during the next trip.