Cozoyoapan a Amusgo town located next to Xochistlahuaca , near Ometepec Guerrero, hand woven textiles are made on back strap looms.
Bob Freund 4/2/2005
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Still not confirmed
There is a tendency in most Amusgo towns toward the embroidered huipil rather than brocade and also the appliqué skirts and a lace huipil top. This is apparent in almost all villages and reflects the changing culture and time consuming nature of weaving. In the third picture the woman is wearing an embroidered huipil. There has been visible progress in terms of road paving and bridge building here in the past 5 years. After speaking with a group of men relaxing on Sunday, they voice some concern about the problem of flooding because a recent bridge was built with a small culvert.

Unfortunately, I did not have pictures of these costumes with me during this visit. There is no doubt about the Amusgo origins of this costume; however I have not been able to confirm with photos.