Huehuetonoc is a remote Amusgo town dedicated to textile weaving and agriculture. There are many womenin town who weave huipils, table cloths, table runners and other textile crafts. these are often sold to other Amusgo in the nearby town of Xochistlahuaca. Bob Freund 4/2/2005
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The town of Huehuetonoc is remote Amusgo village were weaving is a way of life. In almost every house I went into there were women weaving. The huipil they weave here is shown on the bottom right photo, however, it is not what they wear in town but rather a version that they sell. The brocade designs are typical of those woven and brocaded in other towns. The top right picture shows the use of woven textile to protect their new electronic devices. The upper row of images shows typical dress in the village, the heavily brocaded huipil is used more for special occasions; the summer dress is typical throughout the Amusgo region. They weave a number of different types of cloth here; some are used to make men’s shirts and other confectioned clothing.