Huehuetonoc is a remote Amusgo town dedicated to textile weaving and agriculture. There are many womenin town who weave huipils, table cloths, table runners and other textile crafts. these are often sold to other Amusgo in the nearby town of Xochistlahuaca. Bob Freund 4/2/2005
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The first image is a close up of the brocade patterns on some huipil that were for sale. The traditional back strap loom is strung in a day and depending on the size of the piece being woven can take anywhere from a few days to 2 months. The huipil shown in the fist picture on the left would have taken over a month to weave due to the intricate brocade designs. On the shoulder of the huipil there is a small amount of cross stitched embroidery. The close up of the napkin shows a typical woven product in use in their own home.

The climate in the region is hot and humid during rainy season it would be difficult to get to Huehuetonoc due to the road and the amount of dust on it. There are a numbers of steep grades and cuts that would be difficult. There is transportation to the town from Minas.

The pictures of the town give a good idea of the current stat of the town’s structures; there is a mix of adobe and brick structures and the main roads in the town are paved. There is another road into the town from Xochistlahuaca, the men looked at my car and all shook there heads and warned me not to try going out that way. In another town when I told them I just returned from Huehuetonoc, they all asked if I went in THAT car.