Tlacochizlahuaca is a municipal capital, weavers here make huipils, skirts, tablecloths and other woven goods. About 60% of the population speaks Amusgo. Weaving is a major handicrafts business in most Amusgo towns.
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During a trip to Tlacochizlahuaca in 2002 there were very few women walking around in costume and in few conversations I had with people in the market I was left with the impression that the town had transitioned. WRONG!!! This trip 2/05 I spoke with Julia Maxima who works for the town, she directed me to Rosa Ramirez and Aurora Fabian Ortiz. These women lived outside the immediate downtown area where almost every woman I saw was wearing a huipil. The family openly showed me their handicrafts, which included many woven goods. Here we can see some of the variety of huipils and a tablecloth I ended up buying. In the first huipil, Rosa put on her favorite huipil. The young woman walking in the second shot was just passing in front of Rosa's house here huipil has no colorful brocading. The Fourth of the right is a shot from the market during the Festival in Igualapa, where my reboso selling friends are buying embroidery to sell elsewhere.