Tlacochizlahuaca is a municipal capital, weavers here make huipils, skirts, tablecloths and other woven goods. About 60% of the population speaks Amusgo. Weaving is a major handicrafts business in most Amusgo towns.
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The town is making progress after 70 years of neglect and many roads are now paved. The second picture is of Aurora Fabian Ortiz weaving and a loom that is more than 25 feet long. This is because she will split the work in two sections and join the in the middle to create the correct width to make a tablecloth 8 feet long. . The skirts sewn from synthetic and cotton material, the appliqué vary from person to person; these skirts when combined with the huipil are very attractive. The tablecloths and napkins are staple products, there are also tortilla cloths that are slightly smaller than those napkins pictured here. The kitchens are rustic but very functional; here it is an open kitchen mainly because the climate is so hot and tropical. The last image is a lightweight huipil that has become popular and worn over top of the dress with straps show in the El Cumbre gallery.