The Mayo of Sonora , The small town of Masiaca is more inland and at the edge of a massive desert, to the west there are a series of dry mountains. The town has a number of surprises, masks makers, blankets woven on a four post loom, copper threads woven into baskets, leather belts and bags and lots of tradition. The last time I visited they were trying to create a handicrafts union.

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Masiaca is a very small town, it is hot and dusty. However there is a amazing amount of handicrafts going on. Among the crafts are wire baskets, masks, blankets, leather belts, drums, rattles, wood figures.
Masiaca is off the main road south from Hermosillo to Mazatlan. It is about a 35 minute trip on down the dirt road. There are few signs to guide you but the town in neat and on the town square there is a man Daniel Zazueta V. who can direct you the the different crafts people in town. He make great belts.
I was surprised to find a static post loom, similar to the looms used by the Navajo. This blanket was just woven in ( April 2002)The posts of the loom are visible in the upper right corner. -
Sheep seem to be able to survive here and some families spin and weave in the most traditional way. The resulting textiles are not cheap though. Here you can see a spindle and the fresh spun wool.