The Mayo of Sonora , The small town of Masiaca is more inland and at the edge of a massive desert, to the west there are a series of dry mountains. The town has a number of surprises, masks makers, blankets woven on a four post loom, copper threads woven into baskets, leather belts and bags and lots of tradition. The last time I visited they were trying to create a handicrafts union.

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A good view of the posts for the loom, unfortunately they had just finished a blanket and the loom was not set up.
Here is another examples of the textiles woven in Masiaca. They also make bags and other utilitarian items.
Close up of Pascola mask, as I understand it, he is a joker, poet, singer and dancer.
Goat masks worn during Pascola dances. These masked were purchased in a Mayo village near the town of El Fuerte, Sinaloa.