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The Mayo are located in the south of the State of Sonora and the north of the state of Sinaloa. The area is flat with two zones, the desert and the irrigated areas. The entire Mayo area is located between the rivers Mayo and Fuerte which empty into the Gulf of California. There are around 70000 Mayos the language is classified as Nahua-Cuitlateco the Yutonahua branch, Pima-Cora family, there are no different dialects which allows for complete understanding between the communities.

The religion is primarily Catholic with some beliefs systems from the pre Columbian religion still in use. The largest festival is during Easter week where the Mayo recreates the Passion of Christ. The deer dance and the Pascola dance are there most well known dances.

The areas that are under irrigation have large expanses with modern agricultural techniques and in the desert areas the agriculture is more primitive and traditional.