The great majority of women in San Francisco Atotonilco wear traditional dress. At a town meeting there were about 100 women most had on the traditional embroidered blouse, black wrap skirt and a red hand woven belt.
Bob Freund
7/22/2005 For more information

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San Francisco Atotonilco is perched on a flat area which overlooks a deep canyon. From above, it is clear to me, that there is a undeveloped archeological site in the town. My first visit here in 2001 left with the impression that the town was very much a closed village. This trip (7/05) I got lucky and there was a heath education meeting going on and after a brief introduction by the father of the town leader I got to take a few photos of the meeting. The composite picture is the last one on the top row. In addition a woman who was preparing thread for weaving agreed to participate her name is Maria Martinez she is pictured in the first shot. The nurse told me to wait and that they would show me the town handicrafts. During that time I walked around the town and found that the other major street in town had also been paved. This town for the most part weaves belts and the red, white and green belts are sold in great numbers during the patriotic festivals in Mexico City.
At one point I asked if they wanted to have a group picture, I guess I wanted it too. There was a mummer amongst the women but many decided it was a good thing and so they stood next to the wall of the church for these remarkable photos.