The great majority of women in San Francisco Atotonilco wear traditional dress. At a town meeting there were about 100 women most had on the traditional embroidered blouse, black wrap skirt and a red hand woven belt.
Bob Freund
7/22/2005 For more information

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The village is located in a very picturesque region of the sierra of south of Hidalgo and Puebla Norte. Looking out from the town to the north it is actually the State of Puebla. The traditional dress here is embroidered by only few women the majority buys their blouses from the nearby town of Chachahuantla, Puebla. The traditional dress includes the embroidered blouse with yoke and ruffle that is machine embroidered. . On the lower right is another of the commercial quechquemitl that are being embroidered in the town. In the first picture on the lower right, the woman on the far left is wearing a traditional quechquemitl. There is a composite picture of the town which can give you an idea of the types of structures and the setting of the town.