San Juan Tetelcingo, a Nahua town in the Rio Balsas River valley of Guererro. Towm population 5000 prox. Bob Freund 1/31/2005 For more information contact:
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San Juan Tetelcingo is located 10 kilometer off the Federal highway between Iguala and Chilpancingo. The turn off is1 kilometer after the handicraft booth in the town is Xalitla heading south. The road is paved but with potholes (1/2005), the scenery is semi arid with a series of Sierras in the background.

Tetelcingo is located on the Rio Balsas and at the foot of the mountains. When I visit remote towns, my first move is to visit the governmental authorities, in Tetelcingo the government is a traditional type, where the responsibility revolves among the elders of the town. They were meeting when I arrived and after explaining my motives, they send a guide with me to the church. He addressed the church members and eventually this group of women let me take their pictures (on the left). They town was preparing for their annual festival and the alter was decorated and the traditional "cuchara" wreaths were on the outside of the church.