San Juan Tetelcingo, a Nahua town in the Rio Balsas River valley of Guererro. Towm population 5000 prox. Bob Freund 1/31/2005 For more information contact:
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The town was recently paved and had a very large plaza. In the picture third from the right two women are walking in the plaza in traditional dress from the village. I counted three churches in town, which is a lot for a town this size. The "Christo de Cuetzala" was in transit as it visits a number of villages over a hundred-mile procession. The festival here is between Jan 20 and 29 with the 24-25 the main days with many traditional dances.

The elders also explained that there is a “balinario” a place to swim and have a picnic across the rivers it is called “Platinal Balinario” there is a cave with a river coming out of it. This town is definitely on the agenda for another visit.