San Antonino is a traditional Zapotec town where many fine blouses and dresses were produced. While it is not the only town to produces these blouse is actually part traditional costume there. This dress is on of the best known in Mexico. The original form is an embroidered blouse worn under the over blouse , as seen in the first image. During the 1970´s these blouses became Maxi and regular dress known as the Wedding dress there are still women in the village that wear this blouse in the traditional way. The more commercial blouses and dresses have suffered deterioration in quality.

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San Antonino is located adjacent to Ocotlan, it is a much more traditional town. The road from Oaxaca passes the airport and then over the hill into the Ocotlan District, it is on the way to Ejutla, and Miahuatlan, then over the Sierra to Puerto Angel.
This classic dress has roses and doves; the unwritten standard for the flower size was the old 20 centavo piece, no larger or smaller than that coin.
A close up of the rose and doves, this dress was embroidered in 1972.
This dress was made for my ex wife for our wedding, it has more than the standard features, silk thread , double row of “ hazme si puedes” and on the back our names and date in smocking. The pansies are four colors with French knots.
Rose of Castile and Pomegranate flowers smocking. This is the only dress I have ever seen this design. To put it in perspective I have seen thousands of these dresses.