Angahuan Michoacan is a traditional Purepecha village where weaving, embroidery, spinning and other textile traditions are still practiced. The costume is similar to others on the Purepecha Plateau with hair cords, an embroidered blouse, an over blouse, two belts a embroidered slip, a skirt and an apron and finally the rebosos or shawl.
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Details of the rooster pattern in the slip. There are many different patterns that are applied to the slips; it is a matter of personal preference. There is also a market for the slips within the village with some women making slips for resale. There is virtually no tourist market for these slips.

Over top of the skirt there is always a apron with lace and pleating. Through out the town there are stores that sell these among the villagers. In other parts of Michoacan the aprons are embroidered.
A close up of the lace on the bottom on the apron.
In this family picture we can see a broad varierty of combinations of dress. This familty sells crafts some of which can be see hanging in above them.
A statin skirt typical of those worn in the town.