Angahuan Michoacan is a traditional Purepecha village where weaving, embroidery, spinning and other textile traditions are still practiced. The costume is similar to others on the Purepecha Plateau with hair cords, an embroidered blouse, an over blouse, two belts a embroidered slip, a skirt and an apron and finally the rebosos or shawl.
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angahuan_18There are two belts per costume; the first holds the skirt and the second the apron angahuan_19
Here is a close up of the belts bought in Angahuan.

A close up of the cross stitch embroidery. This blouse was actually embroidered in Zacan which is the next town up the road.


This Shawl (reboso) was woven by the family shown earlier. It is worn by almost all the Purepecha women. When I see this rebosos I instantly think of Michoacan.

Details of the macramé on the shawl these shawls come in a variety of lengths and widths and materials, however the macramé usually determines cost.